Alven Lam, Director, Office of International Affairs, and Office of Policy Development and Research, U.S. HUD













艾尔文. 林,美国住宅与城市发展部政策及国际事务司司长,负责国际住宅与可持续城市发展相关研究项目与学术交流。2001年,他参与并负责了美国住宅与城市发展部与中华人民共和国建设部共同举办的中美住房研讨会,本届会议着重探讨了房地产相关的投融资及建筑技术。此后,林先生参与了美国国际开发署、美国海外私人投资公司、联合国人居署、西班牙、墨西哥、加拿大、乌干达、加纳、萨尔瓦多政府以及很多跨国银行与国际机构发起的众多国际培训与研究项目。林先生精通城市发展及住房政策、地理信息系统、区域投融资及财产税。他曾作为美国代表团成员参与国际多边会谈,包括联合国人居署理事会、联合国可持续发展委员会、联合国人口委员会及世界城市论坛。在进入美国住宅与城市发展部前,他在位于马萨诸塞州剑桥市的林肯土地政策研究所工作。林先生毕业于哈佛大学设计学院并取得博士学位。



Alven Lam is director of international research at the Office of International Affairs, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in Washington D.C. He manages research projects and seminars on international housing and sustainable urban development exchange. In 2001, he managed the U.S.-China Housing Initiative, which is a bilateral exchange between HUD and the Chinese Ministry of Construction with the focuses on finance and building technology. Since then, Mr. Lam has developed international training and research projects with USAID, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, United Nations Habitat Program, and the Governments of Spain, Mexico, Canada, Uganda, Ghana, El Salvador, and other multilateral banks and international organizations. Mr. Lam specializes in urban development and housing policy, geographic information system, local finance, and property taxation. He has served in the U.S. delegations to major multilateral meetings including the UN-Habitat Governing Council, UN Commission on Sustainable Development, UN Commission for Population, and the World Urban Forum. Prior to joining HUD, he was research fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mr. Lam received a doctoral degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.